2+GEN forward night vision attachments

The main features

  • Universal use with 1x – 8x sights
  • Compact size and small weight
  • Zero adjustment mechanism

FNA-05M is intended for sharing at night with optical hunting sights as forward attachment. The device  allows to observe of objects on distance up to 300 m in full darkness. The device has waterproof housing and high-quality 10 lens optical scheme. The attachment is recommended for application with any optical 1x-8x sights. FNA-051 has the ergonomic design which allow to adjust and control device by one hand without interrupting supervision process. The attachment operating modes are displayed by LED indicators. Also the device has 7/8" weaver rail for accessories and the mechanism of ZERO adjustment, allowing to exclude aiming errors.

Warranty period - 24 months.

The fixing collar is delivered in the complete set.

Type of IIT 2+ GEN EPM221G
Visual magnification 1,0 x
Lens 1,5F54
Lens focusing distance 10m - ∞
The target's vision distance 30 - 300 m
Range of elevation and vindage adjustment ±12 MOA
Zero adjustment accuracy ± 2 MOA
Resolution not less 45 lines/mm
Weight 590 g
Overall dimensions (without the adapter) 170x70x60 mm
Fixing collar 1 pcs.
Plastic insert for the collar 1 pcs.
Eyepiece rubber cover 1 pcs.
Flip-up plastic cover of the lens 1 pcs.
Hood 1 pcs.
Bag 1 pcs.
Manual 1 pcs.
Additional accessories
Other size collar
Plastic inserts (45-65 mm)
Rubber eyecup

The scheme of application of accessories

  1. Flip-up plastic cover with hood
  2. Rubber eyecup
  3. Fixing collar
  4. Plastic insert for the collar
  5. Eyepiece rubber cover
  6. IR illuminator