IR illuminators NAYVIS

These are class 2 lasers with invisible infrared beam intended for use with classic and digital night vision devices as additional illuminators.

The lineup infrared illuminators NAYVIS

  • NL85040DW
  • NL85040DT
  • NL84070DW
  • NL84070DT

    Devices are safe for human eyes because radiate a dispersing light beam. Illuminators have a focused lens which allows to change a size of a light stain.

    Presence of the built in spherical mechanism allows to make exact adjustment of a direction of a laser beam by moving of an objective concerning the device housing.

    The illuminator has the electronic driver of the laser diode which gives constant power of radiation, if the battery voltage is in 2.3 - 3,2 V range. Also the devices have easy “click-click” digital power control.

    The laser can be used in -15°C …+50°С range of temperatures.

    NL84070DW and NL84070DT models increase range of vision of 1st Gen devices up to 500 m and 2+ Gen devices up to 1000 m.

    NL85040DW NL85040DT models are best for use with 2+, 3GEN and Digital NV devices. Radiation of these illuminators completely invisible. Therefore it is the best choice for hunting. Animals do not feel radiation even on short distances. The optical system of lasers gives a round light stain with identical brightness in its any point.

    Model NL84070DT NL84070DW NL85040DT NL85040DW
    Wavelength, nm 835 847
    Laser power, mW 75 40
    The angular sizes of a light stain , MOA 5-100
    Batteries life time not less, h 24 36
    Batteries type CR 123A
    Sizes, mm 135х25х40 135х26х40 135х25х40 135х26х40
    Mass, kg 0,1
    Mount type Trapeze rail Weawer 7/8” Trapeze rail Weawer 7/8”