Night vision Long range scope

NAYVIS x3 is the compact 2+GEN scope for supervision of far objects at night.

The device has the aluminum high-strength water-proof housing and crystal-clear glass lenses. The scope is constructed on the basis of modern inverted converters (IIT) with high transfer of contrast and low noise in the conditions of low light exposure. The lens provides excellent transfer of semitones, including for low contrast objects. Distance of vision depends on night conditions. For example if the moon and stars are absent, the human figure can be found out on 400 m distance. NL8540WP accessory allows to increase a distance of vision up to 600 m.

NAYVIS x3 scope is a good choice for hunters, fishers, cave explorers, bodyguard, rescue or security service and for all people who like to investigate night world around.

Visual magnification 3,8x
Field of view 10°
Lens 1.6F105 mm
ICT resolution not less 45 lines/mm
Tuning of the ocular ±3
Min distance of the lens focusing 10 m
Supply voltage 3V (CR 123A)
Operating temperature -15 to +50 °C
Battery life time 120 hour
Overall dimensions 200x70x90 mm
Weight 0,6 kg
Operation manual 1 pcs.
Scope 1 pcs.
Nylon case 1 pcs.
Lens rubber cover 1 pcs.