NS 460 PRO

Night vision hunting sight

NS460PRO is 2+GEN compact night vision sight. The device is constructed on the basis of EPM221G-A type Russian IIT with resolution 45 – 49 lines/mm. The device has high-quality distortion free optics which provides excellent transfer of semitones, including for low contrast objects.

The sight can be used with all kinds hunting weapon. We recommend to apply cartridges with energy no more than 4200 joules. Range of vision of a target depends on conditions of supervision. For example the wild boar can be found out on 350 m distance. NL85040DW IR illuminator application allows to increase a distance of vision up to 600 m.

Device control very simple and reliable. Red MILDOT type aim ret has dots which allow to measure a distance, if the size of a target is known. The device has protection against light overloads and low power consumption. The sight is delivered with weaver 7/8” mount.

Visual magnification 4,2x
Field of view
Lens 1.6F105
Normal target's vision distance at natural night illumination 400 m
1 click value 1/5 MOA
Range of elevation and vindage adjustment ±24 MOA
Tuning of the ocular ±4
Min distance of the lens focusing 10 m
Eye Relief 50 mm
Mount type 7/8” weaver
Supply voltage 3V (CR 123A)
Operating temperature -25 to +50 °C
Battery life 120 hour
Overall dimensions 250x105x85 mm
Weight 1,0 kg
Operation manual 1 pcs.
Sight with weaver 7/8” mount 1 pcs.
Nylon case 1 pcs.
Rubber cover of the lens 1 pcs.
Rubber Eye shield 1 pcs.
NL8540WP illuminator * 1 pcs.

* The NL8540WP illuminator is delivered as an additional accessory